Q: What is required of members?
A: There are no set requirements to be a Jaycee. However, like most organizations, our members get as much out of being a Jaycee as they put into it. Attending one meeting and one project per month is normally a two-four hour commitment.

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Cost of membership is $8 per month on Autorenewal or $80 per year. You must be between the ages of 21-40 on the day you join.

Visit http://www.JCIMI.org/auburn to Join

You must have a Paypal Account to process payment

Meet the 2019 Board of Directors

Here to make 2019 a great year for you!

Kendra Shann


Erin Poltorak

Management Vice President

Shawn Stover

Membership Vice President


Individual Development Vice President

Samantha Kunz


Jeff Coates


Brandon Poltorak

Chairman of the Board

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